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Doppelentlüftungsventil mit SichtanzeigeDouble exhaust valve with visual OPEN/CLOSED displayPurgeur double avec indication visuelle


Double exhaust valve for connecting several CO2 OPEN / CLOSE controls

  • When pressure is admitted to the OPEN end of the valve, the CLOSE end will automatically exhaust. The same applies when the CLOSE end is charged
  • Maximum operating pressure 80bar
  • Ambient temperature range: -20°C to +110°C
  • Nominal bore (free cross section) of valve 2mm DEV-SA with male connectors
  • For pipe connection of the valve, 2 male connectors 1/8" (e.g. B1-6-1/8)  and 2 male connectors 1/4" (e.g. B1-6-1/4) will be required additionally

Design of the SHEVS may require reliable venting of the piping.  

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