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GasdruckfederGas-pressure springRessort à gaz

Gas-pressure spring

  • Cushioned gas-pressure spring with knuckle joint and knuckle eye, e.g. for automatically opening side windows
  • Opens automatically after unlocking by Combination Window Catch (EFR or PFR - please refer to locking elements)
  • Maximum static load capacity 1.000N
  • Ambient temperature range: -30 to +80°C
  • Required accessories for each gas-pressure spring: 1 mounting bracket MK GDF, 1 window bracket MK F-1
  • Admissible sizes and weights of the windows are limited by the given position of hinges and arrangement of mountings. Safe execution of the opening function has to be verified by trials


GDF 22-300-100: Gas-pressure spring with 300mm stroke, pushing force 100N. Installation size (knuckle joint -to- eye spacing) 414mm


MK-GDF1: Mounting bracket for gas-pressure spring for holding the knuckle eye

MK F-1: Window bracket ( see mounting brackets; no pin required)

For special types, please inquire

Gas-pressure spring - Info