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  • Pneumatically operated motor unlocking device for use in SHE units with ventilation function
  • When SHE unit is closed and ventilation mode is on, the PMET bolt remains latched in the PMET. In ventilation mode, the SHEVS cylinder will follow idle
  • When the SHE mounting is opened by the SHE cylinder, the bolt automatically disengages from the PMET unit
  • When SHE mounting closes, the bolt automatically reengages with the PMET unit
  • To ensure safe PMET unlocking in the case of SHE release, be sure piping of the SHEVS system is in the following order: point of CO2 release, PMET unit, SHE cylinder PMET with bolt M8
  • Manual unlocking is possible and male connectors
  • Minimum operating pressure 4bar
  • Maximum operating pressure 60bar
  • Maximum locking force 2.500N
  • Ambient temperature range: -20 to +110°C
  • Connection threads for screw fittings 1/8"
  • VdS approval no. G 589049


PMET bolt M6 x 40mm, including locknut
PMET-M8: PMET bolt M8 x 40mm, including locknut
PMET-M10: PMET bolt M10 x 40mm, including locknut

For special types, please inquire

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