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BG Beschlag - fixe AusführungBG mounting - fixed typeArmature BG - version fixe

BG mounting - fixed type

Electrically operated mounting for installation in domelights etc.

  • Opening angle 140°or 165°. For special opening angles, please inquire
  • Opening time under load within 60s or 90s
  • Fixed cross beam type for domelights with 800, 1.000, 1.300 and 1.600mm inner width of curb and a hinge size of 65 to 70mm
  • Ideally suited for domelights: Inner width = nominal width - 200mm
  • Due to cross beam design, only small forces are introduced into the curb and domelight frame Space-saving due to flat design
  • Ease of assembly by hanging the mounting from above into the curb or frame
  • Available in 4 sizes with different actuators type G (depending on run time and snow load). Please select from table shown hereunder
  • Domelight latched in closed position by mechanical hook locking device MHV and adjustable locking bolt EVB 3-M12 (accessories)
  • When ordering, please complete the dimensional sheet (see dimensional sheet), and specify inner width


see synoptic table of appropriate actuators / types


  • EVB 3-M12: Adjustable locking bolt
  • Upper cross beams (including. MHV) see upper cross beams

For special types please inquire

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