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G 16x, G 20x, G 26xG 16x, G 20x, G 26xG 16x, G 20x, G 26x

G 16x, G20x, G26x

  • 24V- electrically operated spindle actuator, in anodized aluminium enclosure. Anodized aluminium push rod
  • Rated current: ,1,6A; 2,0A respectively 2,6A
  • Ambient temperature range -25 to +60°C, to EN 12101-2 annex G for 2h up to +110°C
  • Disconnection at either end position by integrated limit switches
  • Electronic “emergency stop” on overload
  • Electronic parallel disconnection with PAS (see actuator controls) and synchronisation with SYN (see actuator controls) possible
  • Dimensions: see data sheet
  • Protection to DIN EN 60529: IP40 (for use in dry rooms)
  • Light grey silicone supply cable brought out at upper end, length approx. 2,5m, temperature range -50 to +180°C (to DIN VDE 0282)
  • Continuous adjustability in mounting ensured by sliding blocks and bearing pins LB12-SL13-M5x16 (included)
  • Including eyebolt M8 Ø8mm


Standard stroke: 350, 550 or 750mm. For special stroke, please inquire.

Options (see data sheet)

  • Other cable length: specify full meters
  • Eyebolt: M8 Ø6mm or Ø10mm
  • Clevis: Also available as clevis GK8x16, GK8x32, GK10x20 or GK10x40 instead of eyebolt.
  • E: Additional switches integrated for indication of both end positions (potentialfree NC contacts, 24V- / 1A).
  • RAL: Actuator enclosure painted in a RAL colour
  • U Ø6,1: Mounting at lower end with bore hole Ø6,1mm.
  • U M8: Mounting at lower end with thread M8, 11mm deep.
  • U Ø10,2: Mounting at lower end with bore hole Ø10,2mm.
  • UF Ø8,2: Mounting at lower end with bore hole Ø8,2mm for bracket MK 24-1.
  • THxx: Version with integrated thermal contact. Response temperature 70 or 93°C, available as NO or NC contact. Only upon request.


For more special versions please inquire

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